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'I'll do anything': coronavirus volunteers sign up to help Municipal Corporation Bhopal.

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COVID-19 Solidarity Response Donation

Municipal Corporation Relief Fund

People and organizations who want to help fight the pandemic and support Municipal Corporation Bhopal can now donate through the COVID-Solidarity Response Donation at Municipal Corporation Relief Fund

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COVID-19 Self Assessment Scan

Better Safe Than Sorry.

For your safety ,we have developed coronavirus self assessment scan as per the guidelines by WHO and MHFW ,Government of India.This self scan is entirely for your safety and should not be considered as expert medical advice. Your shared information will always be confidential with us.

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COVID-19 Citizen Reporting

COVID-19 Citizen Reporting website is made for citizens of bhopal who are under home quarantine. With this portal you can update your daily health status to district administration. You can also use this portal to raise request in case of any help/support required (i.e. medical emergency, medicine or any other supplies required, security issue etc)
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COVID-19 Helplines

24x7 Available to Help

    COVID-19 Helplines
  • Help Line : 104
  • Whats-app Help Line : 9301989967
  • Help Line : 0755-2704201
    Senior Citizen COVID-19 Helpline
  • Help Line : 9406903101
  • Help Line : 9406903102
  • Help Line : 9406903103
  • AIIMS Bhopal : 1800-233-1104
  • Dr. K. C. Raikawar : 7999926269
  • Dr. Rashmi Jain : 9424476989

Bhopal Fights Corona - Poem

ठहरा ठठठका थमा सा ये शहर
सूनेपन को समेटे खाली खाली सा शहर
चल रहा है पर संभल संभल कर
पूजा, दुआ सब घर के अंदर

ये खिलखिलाती हररयाली
ये बेठहसाब मचलती लहरों का शहर
िूबसूरत तो बहुत है ये मगर
थोडा सहम सा गया है

चुप चुप सा हो गया है
मानो इसका कु छ िो गया है
लेठकन बात रुकी नहीं है...

कभी खामोशी की आवाज़ सुनी है?

कभी सूनेपन की चहल पहल भी देिी है?
लािों धडकनों में धडकता ये शहर
क्या तय कर बैठा है अपने अंदर?

तो सुनो...

ये शहर सोया नहीं है, इसकी आवाज़ सुनो
ये जाग रहा है घरों में, अपनी चारदीवारों में
इस सूनेपन में ये लड रहा है एक अनजाने दुश्मन से
इन खाली सडकों पर मत जाओ,
इन पर टहलती ठहम्मत देिो,
गली, मोहल्ले, चौराहों पर

जंग जीतने की ठज़द तो देिो?

कल ठिर होगी चहल पहल, चाप सुनो
इस खामोशी में जीत की आवाज़ सुनो
ये जीत की ठज़द है, ये भोपाल की ठज़द है

Thehra Thithka Thama Sa Ye Shahar
Soonepan Ko Samete Khali-Khali Sa Shahar
Chal Raha Hai Par Sambhal-Sambhal Kar
Pooja, Dua Sab Ghar Ke Andar

Ye Khilkhilati Hariyali
Ye Behisab Machalti Lehron Ka Shahar
Khoobsoorat To Bahut Hai Magar
Thoda Saham Sa Gaya Hai
Chup-Chup Sa Ho Gaya Hai
Mano Iska Kuch Kho Gaya Hai

Lekin Baat Ruki Nahin Hai…

Kabhi Khamoshi Ki Aawaz Suni Hai?
Kabhi Soonepan Ki Chahal-Pahal Bhi Dekhi Hai?
Lakhon Dhadkano Mein Dhadhkta Ye Shahar
Kya Tay Kar Baitha hai Apne Andar?

To Suno…

Ye Shahar Soya Nahin hai, Iski Aawaz Suno
Ye Jaag Raha Hai Gharon Mein, Apni Chardeewaron Mein
Is Soonepan Mein Ye Lad Raha Hai Ek Anjaane Dushman Se

In Khali Sadkon Par Mat Jao,
In Par Tehalti Himmat Dekho,
Gali, Mohalle, Chaurahon Par
Jung Jeetne ki Zid To Dekho?

Kal Fir Hogi Chahal Pahal, Chaap Suno
Is Khamoshi Mein Jeet ki Aawaz Suno

Ye Jeet Ki Zid Hai, Ye Bhopal Ki Zid Hai!

How Virus Spread

How Corona Virus spread

Person-to-person contact is thought to be the main method of transmission for the SARS-CoV-2 virus (Corona or COVID-19)

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    Human Contact

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    Air Transmission

    Through respiratory droplets produced when an infected person coughs or sneezes. (Within 1 Meter)

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    Contaminated Objects

    It may be possible that a person can get COVID-19 by touching a surface or object that has the virus on it and then touching their own mouth, nose, or possibly their eyes, but this is not thought to be the main way the virus spreads.

Take Pledge

Pledge To Follow Social Distancing

I take pledge of Social Distancing and shall maintain minimum one meter distance from human contact and follow all directions given by Municipal Corporation Bhopal and by Government authorities to control the spread of Corona Virus.

Privacy Policy

The Municipal Corporation Bhopal is a data controller responsible for compliance with the relevant data protection requirements for processing personal data. The personal data you have provided (your name and contact details) will be used solely for the purposes of administering and running the Social Distancing Pledge.


Prevention Coronavirus

It can be difficult to avoid being exposed to the virus, especially if you’re often surrounded by other people. But, there are a number of things you can do to protect yourself:

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    Wash Your Hands For 20sec

    Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water for at least 20 seconds every time. if you don’t have access to soap and water. Look for a product that’s at least 60 percent alcohol.

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    Avoid touching your face

    You can easily transmit the virus from your hands to your mouth, nose, or eyes without even realizing it.

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    Keep Social Distancing

    You may hear this called “social isolation.” Staying away from groups of people may help you avoid being exposed.

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